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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

18 years of fun meeting great people

Buckingham Ford back in 1996
Yes it's 18 years ago today that we opened the doors as Buckingham Ford, taking over from the Phillips family who had been working from this site since the late 1800's as Phillips and sons.
Over that time we have met some great people as customers who we now consider friends, we have also been lucky that we have a great team of people working here, with four who have been with us since we started.

Although Mike and I are from far away in south Bucks (Aylesbury) most of our staff are local people with over 70% growing up and going to school in Buckingham before working with us, it is true that we have always looked to employ local people, as we always wanted to be the local garage.

We have been promoting some special Birthday celebratory offers this week, of which some are to the right hand side here, some I did not agree on, I just think James got carried away with the sherry in the Birthday cake when he worked them out.

So here's to the next 18 Years of Buckingham Ford and a big thank you to you for helping us make this happen.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Car Air con not as cold as last year?

It happens to us all, as the temperature is rising we all start to notice that we need the Air conditioning more in our car.

Did you know your car Air Con can lose 10% of its efficiency every year, even more if you haven’t been using it regularly?

As the refrigerant is under pressure in the system, it can weep through joints in the pipework, making the Air conditioning work harder to keep you cool.

We always see a steep rise in bookings for Air conditioning servicing and regas when the temperature rises, and the last week is no exception.

So what’s really cool, just to be different as the temperature has risen we have decided to reduce our price for an Air conditioning regas by £20 to just £49.

As our summers can be brief don’t wait weeks for an appointment, we guarantee we will get this booked in, in the next 24 hours for you.

Have a cool summer.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Start Your engines

Google driving you round the bend?
Well in this case, it’s actually true!
That’s right, Google have produced their very own self-driven cars with a ‘friendly face’.
The cute looking prototypes simply have a start and stop button, making them literally the modern day horse and cart…without the horse!
The car is limited to 25mph (sigh) and works on laser and radar sensors to navigate around the streets.
The technology is something quite mind-boggling, but the real question surrounding this new break-through is: do we want one?
You can just picture Jeremy Clarkson’s face…’no gear box, no speed, no appeal!’. I must admit the thought of doing nothing to get from A to B would be the same mundane experience I get whilst riding the peasant wagon (the public bus)!
The political nature of this discovery would be a no brainer, bringing an end to fatal car crashes and boy racers doing donuts round the McDonalds car park!
But the idea of machine being in control over man brings peculiar repercussions of Demolition Man or I Robot to mind.
And I for one am not ready for an Apocalyptic, Terminator style, Judgement day!
Okay that’s my imagination running wild, but that feeling of freedom and the control you have whilst driving is like no other.
So Mr Google, no deal. But on the other hand, if you install a driver mode as an option, that really would be some food for thought…
For more information on this article, let me steer you to: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-27587558

Monday, 12 May 2014

Surfing Competition this weekend

Summers here, or at least on its way

You read it right, we couldn’t be further from the sea, but this weekend we are holding a surfing competition in Buckingham. All just for fun, it’s Free to enter.

Prizes for different age categories, who can stay on the longest!
Under 11’s a prize every time
11 to 15 years of age we have a voucher for Karting at Daytona Karting in Milton Keynes
Under 30’s Lunch for 2 at Nelson Street Restaurant in Buckingham
Over 30’s a Massage at Pea Green Physio’s

The surf will be just right at 2pm on Friday until 6pm
And again on Saturday 10am to midday and 1pm to 3pm so don’t be late.

The event is just to have fun, so come and have a go and bring the kids. To avoid the queue’s just email me ian@buckinghamford.co.uk and I will put you on the list for a VIP Fast pass to get you straight to the front.

I hope to see you this weekend

Friday, 7 March 2014

I cant beat this, what a list of benefits

  1. £1000 minimum part exchange
  2. 1 Years free insurance if over 21
  3. £250 deposit paid by us
  4. No deposit from you
  5. Only £30 a year road fund licence
  6. Finance at 7.2% APR
  • Hands free Bluetooth for your phone connection
  • Aux socket for your ipod for your music
  • Power steering for easy parking
  • Anti lock brakes for your safety
  • CD radio for all your listening requirements
  • Alloy wheels to make it look nice
              And all you pay is £134.85 a month with Ford options click here for full details
                  But sorry we only have 3 available

                          Saturday, 1 March 2014

                          March 1st 2014, lots of great new cars leaving us today

                          It is March the first already, and yes it does seem like it was Christmas last week.

                          Well it's Christmas agin for some of our customers as they pick up their shiney new 14 registered cars, from James at Buckingham Ford. And there are lots more going out this month.

                          Thank you

                          Thursday, 20 February 2014

                          Winner anounced

                          Thank you, Thank you for all your kind reviews in the 14 days of love competition, we have jet again been voted the most loved Business in Buckingham.

                          We love what we do and i think it shows, but to us it becomes very worth while when we recieve such great testimonials that we come in first in this yearly event.

                          Thursday, 13 February 2014

                          Evacuate Flood Warning

                          Yes we were on flood alert again last week in Buckingham , and probably will be again soon, which is a headache, as we made a big mistake a couple of months ago, James and Jeff ordered their new car stock in for March, the biggest new registration month of the year and then, big mistake, I ordered as well.

                          We pride ourselves on not making mistakes normally.  We get great customer satisfaction scores from Ford questionnaires for example, we don’t get much wrong.
                          This one mistake is causing me a big headache. So when we were on flood alert at Buckingham we had to find a friendly farmer to let us store some cars on their farm to keep our cars from getting extra wet.

                          I Need to clear some space quickly!

                          Last week I asked James and Jeff to get some of these cars sold and gone and to be fair they did a great job.  If you were one of those lucky customers I hope they didn’t appear too desperate.  I know the deals were excellent as we needed the room, but we still have too many cars.

                          So can you help? Ford are offering an extra £500 off any Eco boost engine cars as a test drive bonus this month, and this is on top of everything else already on offer,

                          Jeff gave £2500 off a Fiesta with this on Friday

                          I am not going to try and list all the deals or I will be here all day, but all I will say is that I have spoken to two customers in the last week who were amazed that the new car they have bought is cheaper  a month, than the one they have part exchanged.

                          So please if you are considering changing your car this year, come and take a look now, as you won’t find a better time to do it, and if you’re not, why not?  Your motoring costs may just go down.

                          Friday, 3 January 2014

                          Buckingham Ladies Hockey 2nds

                          Great to report that the Buckingham Ladies Hocey 2nds are having another fantastic season.

                          As they reached the halfway mark in the season before Christmas they remained unbeaten in the league.

                          This is now our second season sponsoring the 2nds and they just seem to go from strength to strength.

                          Good luck for the rest of the season, although the way you are playing i don't believe luck comes into it.
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