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Friday, 14 October 2011

Great day of parking fun

We held the parking competition on Tuesday, and then had to set it up again on Thursday as we had more people wanting to try the Focus that parks itself. Everyone seemed to like the idea of the parking aid, but a lot thought it felt very strange to let go of the steering wheel and let the car do it for you. Customers who hadn't parked a car with just park assist were impressed and are looking to have us fit these to there existing car. The overall winner of parking the car without any aid was one of the first to try Sarah Kellett, who parked with only a 6am gap between the tyre and the kerb. If my memory serves me correctly she said "If I win this my husband will never believe it" Well Sarah will have some proof when we see her next week to hand over her prize.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Parking challenge event next Tuesday

According to a survey on net mums 21% of women say they are great at parallel parking and 38% say ‘Yes they are ok at it’, so thats over 50% are quite happy and a further 32% find it tricky but get there in the end.

Of course there was no such survey on Men parking as they would obviously all be great or not have answered the question.

We are holding a fun parking competition on Tuesday 11th from 11am to see if it is easier to park a car with or without the cars help.

With a prize for the best solo effort, along with some other great prizes.

Watch the focus part itself on you tube, just copy the link below

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