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Monday, 20 June 2011

The New Focus Woman

I can't add anything to this, this customer says it all.

Hi Ian , I would like to say thank you to James of New Car Sales for all his help in letting me test drive the New Focus Titanium by bring it to me at home after my Operation and then looking after me so well .
The New Focus Titanium is a pleasure to drive not only does it look superb , its lines are sleek and classy , but it is a lot quieter than my previous Focus's and is a very smooth ride . I was looking at going to a different car manufacturer as I have had Focus's from you for the last 14 years (Focus Woman) but am so glad I did not.

The Trip Computer tells you everything you need from tyre pressure to how many miles left in the petrol tank (which I need) to your average speed and also helps with fuel economy by assisting in gear changing so my fuel consumption has been less.

Once again thank you for looking after me so well.

Anne Marie

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

20 Years Between cars

There is a lot to be said for a good product lasting a long time, and when it is a car its the maintenance that is very important.

Dr Chapman picked up his Ford Fusion last Saturday. "Nothing unusual about that" I hear you say...

Well, the car Dr Chapman disposed of was the Ford Orion 1.6 GLX in Tasman Blue that he bought from me 20 years ago - this is where regular maintenance comes in.

Because 20 years ago I was working in a Ford Garage along with David our Service Manager who was a technician at the time, and Dr Chapman is David's Father in Law, and because he has maintained his car regularly it has lasted him over 20 Years.

You don't need to have a relation who can maintain your car to make it last this long, but what this shows is that if you do keep your car regularly maintained by professionals it can last you a very long time.
To bring this into perspective this is the first car Dr Chapman has had with Power Steering.
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