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Friday, 20 November 2015

Concession Wednesday

With prices going up for everything left, right and centre, we at Buckingham Ford want to give back a little bit back to our older generation who gave us an extra helping hand getting off our feet back in 1996.

We are now proudly launching concession Wednesday's.

This is for Buckingham and surrounding villages retired who are looking for that safer drive. We at Buckingham Ford will be offering you some great offers you cant resist, even if its a nice cup of coffee and a chat. 

So look out for our Concession Wednesday treats and we hope to see you soon.

Thank you to Alan and Sandy for being great customers for 17 years 

 11 cars, 1 great business

Being keen, aspiring golfers we need a practical cars, my wife has a focus and I’ve just part exchanged my Mondeo for a Focus,

I am amazed at the space within the car and the newest modern technology updates e.g. sync 2 DAB navigation.

 We have a strong relationship with the Redding family and the rest of the Ford team, we will continue our journey with this business as we have relied on them since our first buy back in March 1998.

 Mr and Mrs Hastings.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Christmas Parade 2015

How have we reached this time of year already? Feels like just last week we were entering the New Year.
If your a Buckingham local then your'll know Buckingham has always been one for putting on a Christmas parade. If your not a local then your in for a treat and what a better place to watch it than in our warm show room. The parade comes straight past our door, with a great view, great company and a lovely cup of tea or coffee. Yes James does make a great cup of tea! So come along on the 12th of December and get into that festive spirit.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Our Latest Employee

Our New Customer Service Superstar

Valentina Harwood

Have you met Val? Val is our new service receptionist at Buckingham and will be the smile you see as you walk in the door.  
Val has joined the Buckingham Ford team not only to work closer to home but to keep all of you our customers happy with the services we offer. 
She was born and raised in Watford but decided to move away from the hustle & bustle so moved to a more rural location of Buckingham.  
During an amazing 15 years living in Buckingham Val previously worked in customer service for the waste industry, working as a commercial recycling business leader for the well-known business Serco.

Who ever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend?  Well not this girl, Gizmo a German Spitz Klein takes the heart of our newest employee.  She enjoys long walks with Gizmo and loves to wine and dine (although she prefers the company of friends and family for this chosen interest).  From 1994 to the year 2007 Val’s dream car was owned by her new trusted team ‘Ford’, the sleek bond inspired Aston Martin makes her heart melt and her eyes pop. 

Monday, 26 October 2015

Tyres in Winter

Tyres in Winter

Tyre Technology
Air temperature is a crucial factor in a tyre's ability to perform. When the temperature drops below 7 degrees, the tread compound in winter weather tyres begins to harden, providing the car with less grip.

The tread compound in winter weather tyres contains more natural rubber and advanced silica compounds to minimise the hardening effect, giving extra grip and shorter stopping distances in cold, damp winter conditions. 

Together with sophisticated multi-sipe tread patterns the combination is one that no summer tyre can match, making winter weather tyres the safest option from October all the way through to March. when temperatures rarely rise above 7 Degrees. 

This especially applies to commuters and business motorists who are on he roads in coldest conditions in the early morning and evening. Tests conducted by British Tyre Manufactures' Association found that a car braking at 60 mph on a wet road at 5 degrees stopped five metres shorter, equivalent to more than one car length, when fitted with winter weather tyres.

Newly introducing the MICHELIN Cross-climate tyre with revolutionary performances that keep you safe in every weather conditions. It offers the advantages of summer tyres in wet braking, dry braking, longevity, & fuel efficiency, and the advantage of winter tyres in traction and braking for consumers driving in cold or occasional snowy conditions. With the simplicity of only one set of tyres all year long.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Local riding school looking after the less fortunate.


Hoofprints is a locally run riding school who work alongside the RSPCA to give a chance to those neglected horses all over the UK, they aim to improve the lives of these incredible animals and teach adults and children to ride from the age of two. 

They carefully train their students basic stable management, general care, and all stages of riding. Hoofprints aid the large rescue mission with is the RSPCA by taking in ponies and horses who are eligible to be on and around a working yard, during rehab they are assessed and vetted to insure they are strong enough both physically and mentally before they are safe to be around members of the public, these horses and ponies will then continue their rehabilitation journey and new life with Hoofprints and its dedicated team. 

The process is very slow and precise to ensure the horses receive the right rehabilitation suited to their individual needs and requirements. After three years of incredibly hard work, but lots of fun along the way, Hoofprints now has a wonderful selection of 12 RSPCA rescue ponies that are all enjoying their new life in their new home.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Win £100 of Garden centre Vouchers

Treasure hunt at Buckingham garden centre until Wednesday 16th of October when the draw will be made.

Win £100 of garden vouchers for the Garden Centre.

Just pick up an entry form and as you wander around you will find the answers to the questions, you may occasionally find a car hidden anongst the flowers while walking through the gardens.

We have given you some very good clues on the entry form so you shouldn't find it too hard, it could even be something for the children to do white you shop in peace.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Can you beat out pot hole?

I've got a challenge for you - I'd like to see whether you can beat our pothole.

At our Buckingham Ford office we're unfortunate to have a rather large pothole on the road right where you might want to park your car, so if you're in the area, watch out for it! (Its got its own fence now, so you should be alright.)

So, now that you've seen the pothole in all its glory, can you beat it?

As you can see, ours is pretty large, but don’t worry, none of our great deals have disappeared down there yet. Send your pothole pictures to info@buckinghamford.co.uk and the best one will win something (maybe the ruler in the picture, if you're lucky).

For all non-pothole related enquiries, call us on 01280 812121.

Just to set your mind at rest, whilst there is a tyre track over the hole, we're fairly sure the car didn't fall down it.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

New car for the cost of a meal out!

I had a great parents' evening the other day. I don't say this to brag about my kids, but because what happened afterwards really had an impact on me.

We were out at a well-known pizza chain, celebrating the fact that parents' evening had gone so well, and that my son Oscar's school report had been so good, and we had a lovely time.

When we came to pay the bill, it came to about £100 - £20 a head roughly. And I suddenly realised that that one meal equates to the amount that a lot of my customers pay as a monthly payment for their new cars.

I couldn't believe it!  How have we got the point where a new car is as cheap as a meal out once a month? It was only a few years ago that no one could afford them - my parents certainly never had a new car, but now pretty much everyone can afford one!

Our sales guys Jeff and James are often selling cars that cost a monthly figure of around £100 (sometimes less), and often, the buyers aren't even paying a deposit if they're trading in their old car.

I guess the big lesson from this is: never has buying a new car been more affordable, and if you're considering purchasing one, remember, Jeff and James would be delighted to help you.

You can call them on 01280 812121.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

And all Buckingham needs is the station

I was reading the Bicester Advertiser the other day, and came across this article which tickled me a little bit:


Whilst I understand people wanting to protect the name of our local train station, I can't help but think that describing the reaction to the name change as a ‘furore’ is a little bit over the top!

October 26th is the date set for the name change, and as the article says, Chiltern Railways is hoping that the new station will encourage commuters from the Bicester area to travel by train rather than car.

But remember, regardless of how you choose to commute, my friendly team will always be here to help with your vehicle servicing needs, regardless of the make or model of your car.


Have a great week.
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