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Friday, 30 May 2014

Start Your engines

Google driving you round the bend?
Well in this case, it’s actually true!
That’s right, Google have produced their very own self-driven cars with a ‘friendly face’.
The cute looking prototypes simply have a start and stop button, making them literally the modern day horse and cart…without the horse!
The car is limited to 25mph (sigh) and works on laser and radar sensors to navigate around the streets.
The technology is something quite mind-boggling, but the real question surrounding this new break-through is: do we want one?
You can just picture Jeremy Clarkson’s face…’no gear box, no speed, no appeal!’. I must admit the thought of doing nothing to get from A to B would be the same mundane experience I get whilst riding the peasant wagon (the public bus)!
The political nature of this discovery would be a no brainer, bringing an end to fatal car crashes and boy racers doing donuts round the McDonalds car park!
But the idea of machine being in control over man brings peculiar repercussions of Demolition Man or I Robot to mind.
And I for one am not ready for an Apocalyptic, Terminator style, Judgement day!
Okay that’s my imagination running wild, but that feeling of freedom and the control you have whilst driving is like no other.
So Mr Google, no deal. But on the other hand, if you install a driver mode as an option, that really would be some food for thought…
For more information on this article, let me steer you to: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-27587558

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