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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Can you beat out pot hole?

I've got a challenge for you - I'd like to see whether you can beat our pothole.

At our Buckingham Ford office we're unfortunate to have a rather large pothole on the road right where you might want to park your car, so if you're in the area, watch out for it! (Its got its own fence now, so you should be alright.)

So, now that you've seen the pothole in all its glory, can you beat it?

As you can see, ours is pretty large, but don’t worry, none of our great deals have disappeared down there yet. Send your pothole pictures to info@buckinghamford.co.uk and the best one will win something (maybe the ruler in the picture, if you're lucky).

For all non-pothole related enquiries, call us on 01280 812121.

Just to set your mind at rest, whilst there is a tyre track over the hole, we're fairly sure the car didn't fall down it.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

New car for the cost of a meal out!

I had a great parents' evening the other day. I don't say this to brag about my kids, but because what happened afterwards really had an impact on me.

We were out at a well-known pizza chain, celebrating the fact that parents' evening had gone so well, and that my son Oscar's school report had been so good, and we had a lovely time.

When we came to pay the bill, it came to about £100 - £20 a head roughly. And I suddenly realised that that one meal equates to the amount that a lot of my customers pay as a monthly payment for their new cars.

I couldn't believe it!  How have we got the point where a new car is as cheap as a meal out once a month? It was only a few years ago that no one could afford them - my parents certainly never had a new car, but now pretty much everyone can afford one!

Our sales guys Jeff and James are often selling cars that cost a monthly figure of around £100 (sometimes less), and often, the buyers aren't even paying a deposit if they're trading in their old car.

I guess the big lesson from this is: never has buying a new car been more affordable, and if you're considering purchasing one, remember, Jeff and James would be delighted to help you.

You can call them on 01280 812121.
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