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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Texting while driving

I have just shared a video on our Facebook page that makes you think hard about what we do while we are driving, it is all about texting while driving.

Thinking back to when i started driving all those years ago, the only distraction we had was a radio or changing a cassette. now we have not just a phone that may ring that we can answer safely through bluetooth to the car or a head set, but alerts set on our phones for text, Facebook, Twitter and Email to mention but a few, all are distractions from what we are supposed to be doing.

This video is very graphic, but if i had a 17 year old Son or Daughter starting to drive, i would be getting them to watch this, it is hard hitting but sometimes that is the only way some people remember.

Watch here on our FaceBook page

Saturday, 19 January 2013

How to use Traction control in snow or ice

After seeing so many people sliding around in the snow and ice yesterday, with their traction control obviously still switched on, we made this small video to help.

The video explains what happens with the traction control on and off, and then we go on to explain how to switch the traction control/ESP off on Ford cars that don't have an obvious button on the dashboard.

Its worth watching until the end, and please share as this may help others with there safety in the snow.

View You Tube video here  Traction control in snow and ice

Please make sure you turn traction control back on once snow and ice has cleared.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow rescue team

 The Buckingham Ford rescue team in action this morning, after helping several rear wheel drive cars to get out of the end of Chandos Road, took on a bigger challenge to help get the children home from school.

Friday, 11 January 2013

We pay you, so we can check your car

The weather people are now telling us we are in for a hard time next week, with plummeting temperatures and the possibility of snow on the way, as will probably be the norm we won’t cope with this as well as most northern European countries, as we aren't on winter tyres or haven’t prepared our car for these conditions.

If you are not sure your car is ready for winter conditions let us pay you to let us check it!
Winter check on any Ford Car £19.99 and we will give you a £20 M&S E-Voucher, and you will have a full report on your car. 

Yes you did read that right we are paying you, please spread the word to any other Ford owner you know.
Just call Carol at Buckingham on 01280 812121 or Andrea at Bicester on 01869 323272

Winter tyres
We have these available to us, and if you haven’t looked at this option before they are no more expensive than normal tyres, but allow you to get around easier in bad weather.
Fiesta on steel wheels from £59 each fitted or a Focus 2005-2010 from £97 each.
For the first 10 customers buying winter tyres we will store your existing tyres free of charge until you need them putting back on, and we will do that for Free.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

5 year Warranty on all New Cars until 31st March

Happy New Year and Happy New Car but now with 5 Years warranty at Buckingham Ford, this is not available everywhere, but all our new cars registered before March 31st will have a 5 Year 100,000 mile warranty.

 And for any customer wanting to take there new car in January you can add 2 years Free Servicing.

 These offers are exclusive to Buckingham and Bicester Ford.

 So if you are superstitious and don't want a 13 registration in March, January is your time and start the year with a new car. 

Just give James a call on 01280 812121.

11 reasons why It's just easier at Buckingham Ford

It’s just easier at Buckingham Ford and you are all so approachable 

that is exactly what a customer just like you told us.

You will get a warm welcome here, from the greeting you get as we valet park at the service drop off, or the smile of our drivers collecting your car, to the Free detailed report we prepare on your car, we will always speak to you and never presume what you wish us to do next – you will never get a surprising bill guaranteed.

11 Reasons why we are your trusted vehicle carer

Price promise “We will not be beaten on price”
All our work carries our price promise, as long as we are comparing the same job and parts* and the repairer is recognised as a member of the “Motor industry code of conduct” we will not be beaten on price.

12 Months guarantee
All our work carries our 12 months warranty on parts and labour, you know your car is in a trustworthy place. No small print if a part fails we have fitted it is replaced.

Comprehensive further maintenance report Free
As Part of our service, we will give you a FREE report on your car outlining what further maintenance you will need to consider in the next 12 months before your next service, existing customers are telling us this is great as they can plan there maintenance

Ron- Was a secret
Do you know about Ron
Ron could collect your car for servicing and mot, and deliver it back to you, we have been doing this for our regular customers for years, Ron was one of best kept secrets until his picture appeared here.
Courtesy cars
As an alternative to the collect and deliver service, come and collect a courtesy car while we are caring for your car, we insure it all you have to do is replace the fuel you use, and of course let us see your driving licence.
Independent inspection by the RAC 
Four times a year the RAC turn up without prior arrangement, and inspect the last two or three jobs we have completed in the workshop, they take the invoice, job card, technician check sheets and inspect the vehicle to make sure we have done everything we are saying and charging for. They then issue a certificate for each car. We are proud of our record of 100% achievement.

Ever forgotten to get an MOT or missed a service
With our free reminder service – this should never happen to you again. If you want to check you are registered or wish to register – IT’s FREE just click here and we will check the details, and make sure you get the right amount of notice for the next time.
Service History
Although we will always stamp your service book when we carry out the work, we also keep a more in depth history on what and when has been done to your car, this allows us to make sure your car is getting the right service at the right time, and will highlight any areas needing attention.
With the speed of development in cars and vans, it is very difficult for technicians (mechanics) to keep up with all the latest trends, techniques in method of diagnosis and repair. We have accumulated rich technical expertise over many years and add to this constant upgrading of technicians knowledge with regular courses and monthly communications. 
Nectar points
For every £1 spent on labour with us we will give you 2 nectar points Ford is the only automotive retailer that offers Nectar points so don’t forget to bring your card with you and collect points on service, non-warranty repairs, MOT, tyres and exhausts.

*An alternative quotation must be provided by the customer either before work has been undertaken or within 14 days of the repair being carried out, in which case the lower price will be matched, providing the customer produces a written quotation for an identical job, including genuine Ford supplied parts, from a repairer subscribed to the Motor Industry code of practice, within a five mile radius of Buckingham Ford. In all cases, we reserve the right to check and validate the qualifying quotation and to refuse any claims under this programme which we reasonably believe do not meet the eligibility conditions
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