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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Buckingham Christmas parade

James "Lazy Rudolf" Emmett from our showroom, being a lazy reindeer driven about by Neil "Santa" Tuckett of Tuckett brothers Ford Model T Specialists.

Followed by the Fiesta that is currently in Buckingham Garden Centre for our joint competition to win this very car (or one just like it) if you go into Buckingham Garden Centre it is free to enter, competition closes December 20th,.

Good luck

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

We are trying our hardest to give two cars away

This car is sitting in Buckingham Garden centre, and is the prize if you can find Santa’s missing reindeer; we have even left you a clue on the entry form at the garden centre.

As you know we like to keep things local, and just like the garden centre we employ a lot of local people, putting our money back in to the local economy as important to us both, as looking after local customers to the best of our abilities.

We have joined in this promotion, in an attempt to keep it local and are both giving away some extra special gifts before Christmas, If you come into either of our branches before Christmas you will be given a voucher for the other company (even if you come in for a free winter check), and could win some great prizes, but the amazing thing is there is a prize every time.

In the showroom at both dealerships we have a second car to win, we have a stack of presents under our Christmas trees, all you have to do is guess correctly there value, its not that hard as we have given you a hint to them when you come in, If you test drive or buy a car before 20th December you will have multiple attempts to win this great Fiesta worth over £10.000.

Are you missing our Facebook competitions, we have given away some great prizes, and announced some great promotions on Facebook this year, if you don’t want to miss out go and like our pages there, and if you don’t use Facebook ask you children or a member of the family that does to do it for you, and they can make you aware when we are having a mad moment and giving it all away.


Monday, 28 October 2013

Guest Blogger looses his choons

"The digital radio changeover has caused concern ever since the UK Government announced the plan to switch off all analogue radio bandwidths in the Digital Economy Act of 2010. So...
DAB radio, is it the future? Crackle free, hiss free and on the ascent, is DAB radio right for you? The audio equivalent of TV's Freeview it gives bright crisp sound and access to additional stations.
But is it for you? Check out my handy dandy "5 reasons to install a DAB radio in your dashboard" guide!

1) The full Digital Radio switcheroo is planned to happen in approximately two years; all new cars must be digitally enabled by the switch so if you have an older analogue FM/MW/AM radio you may no longer be able to nod along to your fave choons.

2) Sound quality is clearer than FM, AM or MW radio, or there's simply no reception. Meaning you only get the stations that are providing the best signals. No more hiss and splutter and DJs sounding like they're broadcasting from beneath the Atlantic. It won't stop the cheesy jokes and smug tone though!

3) Is this familiar? "Oh who's this? Whassername? You know she did, lahhh dah, deee dah..." well with DAB radios you can forget not knowing who is playing. DAB radios show you what song is playing and who the artist is. So no more fumbling for your phone trying to get an internet signal to try and get Shazam to work.

4) "Internet Radio will be here soon", yes smartphones can get Internet Radio, but with patchy 3G coverage DAB radio offers more sustained signal across a wider area. If you have ever travelled into London on the Portsmouth to Waterloo line you'll know this. It's the 21st century and you can barely keep a normal mobile phone signal let alone a data connection and stream radio.

5) Some aftermarket DAB car radios also have iPod adaptors, and a host of modern features not found on older analogue FM receiver units. So you get an upgrade, an iPhone docking/charging station and maybe something super cool like USB connectivity to play MP3s direct from your memory stick. Some DABs even come with a screen and SatNav and Bluetooth.

I've had one, thought it was great and totally miss it now, I'm sure the oik who ripped it skilfully from my dashboard would agree with the above 5 points. If you want to take advantage of DAB and get your hands on a DAB Radio legally, then call Buckingham Ford and see if your car is compatible, and get a price call 01280 308037 or visit http://www.buckinghamford.co.uk/dab_radio.php

Stuart Morrison is a moustachioed, business problem solver who can help you find what you need to fix in your business. From marketing to generating business leads, contact him via his Appointment Brokers website: www.theAppointmentBrokers.Com - helping you find sales leads and book meetings and appointments with senior decision makers.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Great news for the UK

Well September is over and great news for the UK Economy, registration figures of new cars in the UK is carrying on with its upward trend, as a whole the up 12% on last year.

This can only be seen as a positive move, along with new house builds these are two of the strongest signs that the UK has at last recovered from its recession.

You may be aware house building is very much on the up locally with over 1400 new homes being built around Buckingham, new supermarkets moving to the area and in Bicester over 1700 new homes going up the area is certainly doing its fair share.

We have seen increases in New car sales throughout
this year, this being heightened by some of the amazing new models we have had like the New Fiesta and Focus all equipped with the great new 1.0 Ecoboost engine returning great miles per gallon with nil road fund licence.

I hope we will be able to show you personaly, some of the great new innovations from Ford.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

New name in top spot with 58.2 Mpg

 Jenny from AtHome in Well Street has been leading since we started, but this week sees a new name at the top of the leader board Mike Easom from Buckingham Garden centre bought the Fiesta back with an impressive 58.2 Miles per Gallon; Mike said he also couldn't believe it was a one litre engine “It drove so well”. This only goes to prove Buckingham Garden centres green fingers have green credentials on the road.

Jo Moir from Style by Jo in Hillesden only managed 30 miles in two days due to being at home with the children, but still managed 47.1 mpg driving to and from town, a very credible result for local driving.

Nick Maple from Arthur’s radio hairdressers, who was already looking to change his car when we set the eco-challenge, was so impressed that the Fiesta is a definite possibility, but Nick wasn't as nifty with his economy as he is with his scissors as he returned a very poor 38.7 Mpg.

As we go to press James Beckett Motoring correspondent for the Buckingham and Winslow advertiser and formula Ford race supremo is driving the 1.0 Fiesta, we look forward to his eco result to see if he is as green of the track as fast on it.

If you wish to take part, or just want to follow the progress over the next 6 weeks Follow on Facebook for daily updates on who is taking the challenge.

Who will be the most economical of our local drivers?

Just call James at Buckingham Ford on 01280 812121 or Jeff Lawrence at Bicester Ford 01869 323272. All entries are subject to status.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

To find Buckinghams best driver

This week we have had many more drivers take the challenge, Jenny from AtHome in Well Street , Buckingham is still top of the table, Mark from Barbers in High Street Buckingham improved on his colleagues performance. 

We also Had Nicky for Cakes by Nicky in Bicester and Joff from Natitas Design all drove the New Fiesta with its very quick 1.0 Ecoboost engine, for two days.
Nicky loved the new Fiesta so much she didn’t want to give it back, and even though she only used it around town the little Fiesta still returned a healthy 45.8 mpg. Nicky said “I want one. I can’t believe that is only a 1.0 litre engine”

Joff Cheney from Navitas design on Buckingham industrial estate returned a very good 52.8mpg and covered over 100 miles in his two days, but is a little nervous that Michelle from Meet and Mingle in Bicester will beat him this week. 

This coming week as well as Michelle Howie we have Jo Moir from Style by Jo, Kelly from Kelly Jo Photography, Nick Maples from Arthurs Radio hairdressors and Mike from Buckingham Garden centre.

If you wish to take part, or just want to follow the progress over the next 6 weeks Follow on Facebook for daily updates on who is taking the challenge. If you want to take part, just call James at Buckingham Ford on 01280 812121 or Jeff Lawrence at Bicester Ford 01869 323272. All entries are subject to status.

Leader board
Name                  Company                     MPG
Jenny Dobbs         AtHome                      54.9
Ian Redding    Bicester/Buckingham Ford 53.3
Joff Cheney    Navitas Design                   52.8
Nicky Churchill      Cakes by Nicky         45.8
Mark Green         Barbers                       44.9
Paul Griffin           Barbers                       41.6

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Are you an eco friendly driver

Welcome to the environmental challenge, over the next 6 weeks we want to get as many local people to take up a two day challenge to see who can get the best miles per gallon from the new Ford Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost. 

We already have many willing volunteers, well who would say no to a free car for 2 days!

You need to be over 25 and hold a clean driving licence, and been driving for over 12 months, and that's it, you don't need to be an existing customer either, just live in the Buckingham, Bicester or Brackley area.

We know that the New ecoboost engine is good for the environment already as it emits so little, the road fund licence is free on on this little car, yes you heard me right Nothing, Nil yes exactly £0. we also already know the government figures on this car are very good with a combined MPG of 65.7.

So watch this space for updates.

Friday, 7 June 2013

We are a Badger free zone

I just had to share this when I was shown it

This is very very funny, and you will NOT find a badger at Buckingham or Bicester Ford.

We are a Wiggle free zone.

View Badger at work here

If you have ever experienced the Badger at another dealership, come and see us for a refreshing change.

  • Take a test drive not a short trip around the block
  • We give you all the facts, and don't hide behind a monthly payment
  • 1000's of new and used cars available to us, so you don't have to buy the one we have here, you can choose.

I got this email yesterday about James.

                "Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the new Focus ST I purchased from you. Fabulous colour the Spirit Blue and the power and drivability of the car really is breath taking. So, thanks for persuading me to purchase it. Also many thanks for the help and advice you gave me with the models, optional extras and the general understanding of the car."
Many Thanks

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Compound clearance starts 12th June for 8 days only

1       For Eight days only you can make massive savings on any car on display or in our compound. (We need the room)
Over £4000 off some new cars

2       We need more used cars, and as you know we always pay more for privately owned cars like yours. We would always prefer to sell a privately owned car other than ex fleet or hire cars, they are more sought after and easier to sell, so your car could be worth more than you thought this week. 

How about a New Ka for under £85 a month and that’s without a big deposit and an Apr of only 4.9%. 

I've had my arm twisted by James and Jeff to run the 5 year FREE warranty offer for one more month, so June will be the last month we are offering 5 Year’s Warranty on all our New cars instead of the standard 3 years. 

Even if you don’t keep your car for 5 years it will improve the value of your car in part exchange in the future. 

Book an appointment today with Jeff or James and make sure you find out which special offer is right for you.  

Remember we don’t do or know how to do any hard selling, it is up to you, we don’t hide the facts behind a monthly payment, and we are here to help you make the right decision for you not us.

3       Extra bonus for the lucky five who are quick to reply 
If you are in the first five to take action on these offers I have over £500 worth of extras waiting for you, and they are on me, completely free, and they will help you enjoy your new car even more. 

The compound clearance starts on June 12th and will run for eight days only; this is your chance to get a look at the offers before we go public.
Some of the offers James and I have calculated are amongst the strongest we have ever made and include some new technology’s you may not have seen or heard of

Ford SYNC enabling safer usage of your phone or music playing device.

MYKey on New Fiesta, a programmable key that restricts speed for younger drivers, amongst other things.

These are standard on a lot of our offer cars

Monday, 29 April 2013

Sunny Sale Great Offers 6 Days Left

What a weekend, when our sale started on Friday, we did not estimate just how busy Friday and Saturday would be.

We have been catching up this morning contacting customers who we didn't feel we gave enough quality time to, being so busy. And got some great reactions, they all understood and were pleased for us.

In fact while we were calling people a regular customer Mr Haines came back in, he had been in on Saturday, to place his order for a new car for his wife, he said he and his wife were both amused and impressed on Saturday, as even when we so busy not one person was ignored or left unattended, and James reminded him of a plate spinning act from the circus, making coffee, getting cars out for test drive and doing paperwork with others, and this quote will live with me

 "It was so nice seeing local people so busy and getting what they deserve success, we left you to it on Saturday as we could come back on Monday"

So 6 days left of the Sunny Sale, let’s see what this week brings, more fantastic offers for our great customers.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sunny Sale Starts 26th April 10 days only

We have some amazing used cars in stock, that we sold new to the previous owner, most have been looked after by us in our workshop all their lives.

There is nothing quite like knowing the car you are buying has a sound history that you can rely on.

The sale ends Bank Holiday Weekend, so don't delay, we can only sell these cars once.

Prices start from as little as £2995, on top of this we have 100's of other used cars available, under one year old nearly new Fords, and lots of very low mileage 3 year old cars with Full service history and only the one owner from new again.

Many of the cars have lots of extras that the first customer enjoyed.

Don't delay and come and see us as soon as possible.
Ian or James 01280 812121

Saturday, 6 April 2013

We Love a Happy Customer

I recieved a great phone call today from a lady called Rachel, " Ian my daughter bought a used Fiesta from you two weeks ago, and I read the letter you sent her thanking her for doing so, and I just had to call and say thank you for the way your salesman James looked after her, she was taken seriously and never put under any pressure to make a decision Thank you" 

Well done James another satisfied customer.

It makes the job so worth while to receive these comments.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Most Loved Ford dealer in the UK

We couldn't be happier, The Bestof website awards for their 14daysofLove announced the results and we have come up trumps.

Buckingham Ford has for the 3rd year running been voted “Most loved business in Buckingham”

Bicester Ford has also come in first place as “Most loved Business in Bicester”

And on top of that we have also come 3rd in our category “Most loved Car dealerships in the UK”

These awards are something we have entered for three years now, we would not achieve these great results without you, our customers, placing your votes, for that I am very appreciative.

Thank You


Here are a couple of entries that you submitted

“Andrea on reception is very friendly knowledgeable and always willing to help and accommodate your needs so that when your vehicle is out of action a courtesy car is arranged or someone from the garage will collect your vehicle from your place of work/home and return. All of the mechanics have always been very friendly and knowledgeable and represent Bicester Ford well.”
Sam M

“Ian and his team at Buckingham Ford are sooooo good. I have used them to supply a new Fiesta for my son and to undertake restoration on my 45 year old classic. What I love about them is the 'old-fashioned' way they conduct business. There's an authenticity and integrity about them which I love. "
Nigel B

They are terrific and the best customer service I have encountered and I am in my 60's - can't be beaten! "
Mrs Glenice M

“You couldn't meet a nicer man than Jeff. Having been to other garages and being treated as just another sale it was refreshing to actually be listened to.”
Mrs Jo T

“They provide a great service, it is prompt, good value for money, they collect and deliver back your car, and do an excellent job! The people are great to deal with, trustworthy, professional and won't rip you off!”
Mrs Collette H

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

How much fuel could you be wasting

Running your car while defrosting the windscreen combined with rising fuel prices, can cost you more than you think.
Motorists who leave their car engine running while defrosting their windscreen will waste nearly £50m in fuel this winter alone, that’s according to Direct Line Car Insurance.
The average person takes only three minutes to defrost their car, but high petrol and diesel costs mean even using this small amount will see their money go in exhaust fumes. The wasted fuel will equal up to over 300 million road miles, and would enable someone to drive an average sized car more than 13,000 times around the globe.
Fuel waste should not be the only concern for motorists. Of the regular drivers who took part in the study, 42 admitted to having left their car unattended with the keys in the ignition. This makes them the perfect target for thieves.
Steve Price, head of Direct Line Car Insurance, stated: "With fuel prices having risen more than 40 pence per litre since 2007, it makes more sense than ever to consider alternative methods of defrosting your car on icy days. It is really important that drivers never leave their cars unattended with the keys in the ignition under any circumstances, but particularly when defrosting their cars.
"Many of us are pressed for time in the mornings and so leaving your car to warm up whilst running back indoors to tie up some loose ends can seem like a clever use of our time. However, if a theft occurs under these circumstances, policyholders may not be covered."

All this could be cut down to just 20 seconds if like most Ford cars you had the use of a heated front windscreen. There are many mornings that i start my car and by the the time i have cleared the side windows my windscreen is clear and i can drive away.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Texting while driving

I have just shared a video on our Facebook page that makes you think hard about what we do while we are driving, it is all about texting while driving.

Thinking back to when i started driving all those years ago, the only distraction we had was a radio or changing a cassette. now we have not just a phone that may ring that we can answer safely through bluetooth to the car or a head set, but alerts set on our phones for text, Facebook, Twitter and Email to mention but a few, all are distractions from what we are supposed to be doing.

This video is very graphic, but if i had a 17 year old Son or Daughter starting to drive, i would be getting them to watch this, it is hard hitting but sometimes that is the only way some people remember.

Watch here on our FaceBook page

Saturday, 19 January 2013

How to use Traction control in snow or ice

After seeing so many people sliding around in the snow and ice yesterday, with their traction control obviously still switched on, we made this small video to help.

The video explains what happens with the traction control on and off, and then we go on to explain how to switch the traction control/ESP off on Ford cars that don't have an obvious button on the dashboard.

Its worth watching until the end, and please share as this may help others with there safety in the snow.

View You Tube video here  Traction control in snow and ice

Please make sure you turn traction control back on once snow and ice has cleared.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow rescue team

 The Buckingham Ford rescue team in action this morning, after helping several rear wheel drive cars to get out of the end of Chandos Road, took on a bigger challenge to help get the children home from school.

Friday, 11 January 2013

We pay you, so we can check your car

The weather people are now telling us we are in for a hard time next week, with plummeting temperatures and the possibility of snow on the way, as will probably be the norm we won’t cope with this as well as most northern European countries, as we aren't on winter tyres or haven’t prepared our car for these conditions.

If you are not sure your car is ready for winter conditions let us pay you to let us check it!
Winter check on any Ford Car £19.99 and we will give you a £20 M&S E-Voucher, and you will have a full report on your car. 

Yes you did read that right we are paying you, please spread the word to any other Ford owner you know.
Just call Carol at Buckingham on 01280 812121 or Andrea at Bicester on 01869 323272

Winter tyres
We have these available to us, and if you haven’t looked at this option before they are no more expensive than normal tyres, but allow you to get around easier in bad weather.
Fiesta on steel wheels from £59 each fitted or a Focus 2005-2010 from £97 each.
For the first 10 customers buying winter tyres we will store your existing tyres free of charge until you need them putting back on, and we will do that for Free.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

5 year Warranty on all New Cars until 31st March

Happy New Year and Happy New Car but now with 5 Years warranty at Buckingham Ford, this is not available everywhere, but all our new cars registered before March 31st will have a 5 Year 100,000 mile warranty.

 And for any customer wanting to take there new car in January you can add 2 years Free Servicing.

 These offers are exclusive to Buckingham and Bicester Ford.

 So if you are superstitious and don't want a 13 registration in March, January is your time and start the year with a new car. 

Just give James a call on 01280 812121.

11 reasons why It's just easier at Buckingham Ford

It’s just easier at Buckingham Ford and you are all so approachable 

that is exactly what a customer just like you told us.

You will get a warm welcome here, from the greeting you get as we valet park at the service drop off, or the smile of our drivers collecting your car, to the Free detailed report we prepare on your car, we will always speak to you and never presume what you wish us to do next – you will never get a surprising bill guaranteed.

11 Reasons why we are your trusted vehicle carer

Price promise “We will not be beaten on price”
All our work carries our price promise, as long as we are comparing the same job and parts* and the repairer is recognised as a member of the “Motor industry code of conduct” we will not be beaten on price.

12 Months guarantee
All our work carries our 12 months warranty on parts and labour, you know your car is in a trustworthy place. No small print if a part fails we have fitted it is replaced.

Comprehensive further maintenance report Free
As Part of our service, we will give you a FREE report on your car outlining what further maintenance you will need to consider in the next 12 months before your next service, existing customers are telling us this is great as they can plan there maintenance

Ron- Was a secret
Do you know about Ron
Ron could collect your car for servicing and mot, and deliver it back to you, we have been doing this for our regular customers for years, Ron was one of best kept secrets until his picture appeared here.
Courtesy cars
As an alternative to the collect and deliver service, come and collect a courtesy car while we are caring for your car, we insure it all you have to do is replace the fuel you use, and of course let us see your driving licence.
Independent inspection by the RAC 
Four times a year the RAC turn up without prior arrangement, and inspect the last two or three jobs we have completed in the workshop, they take the invoice, job card, technician check sheets and inspect the vehicle to make sure we have done everything we are saying and charging for. They then issue a certificate for each car. We are proud of our record of 100% achievement.

Ever forgotten to get an MOT or missed a service
With our free reminder service – this should never happen to you again. If you want to check you are registered or wish to register – IT’s FREE just click here and we will check the details, and make sure you get the right amount of notice for the next time.
Service History
Although we will always stamp your service book when we carry out the work, we also keep a more in depth history on what and when has been done to your car, this allows us to make sure your car is getting the right service at the right time, and will highlight any areas needing attention.
With the speed of development in cars and vans, it is very difficult for technicians (mechanics) to keep up with all the latest trends, techniques in method of diagnosis and repair. We have accumulated rich technical expertise over many years and add to this constant upgrading of technicians knowledge with regular courses and monthly communications. 
Nectar points
For every £1 spent on labour with us we will give you 2 nectar points Ford is the only automotive retailer that offers Nectar points so don’t forget to bring your card with you and collect points on service, non-warranty repairs, MOT, tyres and exhausts.

*An alternative quotation must be provided by the customer either before work has been undertaken or within 14 days of the repair being carried out, in which case the lower price will be matched, providing the customer produces a written quotation for an identical job, including genuine Ford supplied parts, from a repairer subscribed to the Motor Industry code of practice, within a five mile radius of Buckingham Ford. In all cases, we reserve the right to check and validate the qualifying quotation and to refuse any claims under this programme which we reasonably believe do not meet the eligibility conditions
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  • All rights reserved.
  • Company No. 03185866.