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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Evacuate Flood Warning

Yes we were on flood alert again last week in Buckingham , and probably will be again soon, which is a headache, as we made a big mistake a couple of months ago, James and Jeff ordered their new car stock in for March, the biggest new registration month of the year and then, big mistake, I ordered as well.

We pride ourselves on not making mistakes normally.  We get great customer satisfaction scores from Ford questionnaires for example, we don’t get much wrong.
This one mistake is causing me a big headache. So when we were on flood alert at Buckingham we had to find a friendly farmer to let us store some cars on their farm to keep our cars from getting extra wet.

I Need to clear some space quickly!

Last week I asked James and Jeff to get some of these cars sold and gone and to be fair they did a great job.  If you were one of those lucky customers I hope they didn’t appear too desperate.  I know the deals were excellent as we needed the room, but we still have too many cars.

So can you help? Ford are offering an extra £500 off any Eco boost engine cars as a test drive bonus this month, and this is on top of everything else already on offer,

Jeff gave £2500 off a Fiesta with this on Friday

I am not going to try and list all the deals or I will be here all day, but all I will say is that I have spoken to two customers in the last week who were amazed that the new car they have bought is cheaper  a month, than the one they have part exchanged.

So please if you are considering changing your car this year, come and take a look now, as you won’t find a better time to do it, and if you’re not, why not?  Your motoring costs may just go down.

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