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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Could it really be -20 pounds & degrees in Buckingham and Bicester

Did you see the weather warning headline yesterday put out by the Express newspaper?

SNOW BOMB: Wall of SNOW to SMASH UK as deadly blizzards hit in COLDEST freeze for 53 YEARS

BRITAIN faces a historic CHRISTMAS WHITEOUT with “dangerous" blizzards and near record-low temperatures threatening the worst festive freeze for half a century.

I don’t know how true this is, it’s in a national newspaper so who knows, I have checked a few weather sights and they’re all a bit woolly about a white Christmas, so rather than have our customers getting into trouble over the festive period I thought I would send you a little guide on what you need to pay attention to.

Antifreeze – Did you know it weakens with age (I know how it feels) and becomes less effective, when was the last time yours was checked or replaced?

Washer bottles – with the roads giving off so much spray in winter, keeping the windscreen clean Is very important on any journey, during and after a cold snap we see many people with split washer bottles where the wrong fluid or water mixture has frozen and expanded the bottle to breaking point, make sure you have the right mixture in your bottle so it doesn’t freeze in the bottle or pipes.

Tyres – Don’t be running around in wet cold conditions with worn down tyres get them checked, if you don’t know how ask someone in the know.


We normally charge £20 for a Winter check but with the possibility of it being -20 we want you to be safe so they are now -£20 i.e. FREE to all our customers, just pop in to Buckingham or Bicester Ford and get a FREE Winter check before Christmas it only takes 20 minutes.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – If you have any elderly friends or neighbours who you think would benefit from this please pass it on and we will look after them for free.

If you need the correct washer fluid we sell it premixed and probably the cheapest in town, I noticed it at £5.99 at the garage where I fill up, same size £4.50 for one or £8.50 for two.

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