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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

World Challenge

Buckingham Ford have been the proud sponsors of a young girl called Neve, and this is Neve's story;

I am in year 12 at Waddesdon School and next year I will be going on my World Challenge - My team and I will be travelling halfway across the world to Tofo to help a primary school become a safe place of learning for the children who live there.  We take it for granted that we can go to school, have the resources to learn, have enough food and a comfortable place to live. However, not everyone is this lucky.

Whilst Tofo beach attracts wealth from international tourism, the area immediately surrounding it is scattered with small communities who do not benefit from this economy. Most of the villages consist of palm thatched huts and the inhabitants practice subsistence farming to survive. Likewise, the schools in the area are chronically under resourced by the government and as such are in desperate need of renovation.

The community engagement phase will offer a unique opportunity for me and my team to immerse ourselves in the community, giving an insight into a rich new culture.  The language, daily routine, activities, facilities and cultural sensitivities will all be new and different to what we are used to, and we are hoping to be accepted into the community to help in any way we can.  We need to prepare ourselves mentally and physically for a month of hard graft, making memories, friendships and lives better for those in the Tofo community.

To further Neve's fundraising she will be holding many more events for you and your family to get involved with, so show your support and follow;

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