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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Saving Christmas

Yes it’s a long way away and not something you think about when you get your car serviced, but it could have unforeseen connections like what happened to Mr and Mrs Smith from Buckingham on Christmas day.

Every Ford we service you have the option of taking our FREE Ford assist package which includes breakdown cover, recovery, at home service covering the UK and Europe. Yes as I said it’s FREE with every Ford car and Van we service any age any mileage and is there when you need it most, that doesn’t have to be Christmas day.

So when you book your car in for a service, just think what’s included it’s not just the service you get on the day, but what comes with it – sometimes the back up between the service is just as important to what you receive on the day.

We have been quoted between £89 and £149 for the same level of breakdown cover you will receive with our FREE Ford assist.

“Just wanted to say a great big thank you to Buckingham Ford who by looking after our car each year includes us in Ford Assist.

On Christmas Day we packed our car up to join our children and grandchildren for present opening and dinner only to find our car wouldn't start.
So on Christmas Day Ford Assist sent out a pick up lorry and mechanic; unable to get the car started (alternator had died) gave us a telephone number whereupon a gentleman from Enterprise hire cars picked us up and took us to Northampton to get a hire car free for the next 6 days as they don't count weekends or Christmas Day and Boxing Day and saved our Christmas from being ruined. 

So a great big thank you and very well done for everyone who did so much to help it was much appreciated :)”

Why do we do this- Because it can save Christmas and many other important days of the year.

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