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Monday, 28 October 2013

Guest Blogger looses his choons

"The digital radio changeover has caused concern ever since the UK Government announced the plan to switch off all analogue radio bandwidths in the Digital Economy Act of 2010. So...
DAB radio, is it the future? Crackle free, hiss free and on the ascent, is DAB radio right for you? The audio equivalent of TV's Freeview it gives bright crisp sound and access to additional stations.
But is it for you? Check out my handy dandy "5 reasons to install a DAB radio in your dashboard" guide!

1) The full Digital Radio switcheroo is planned to happen in approximately two years; all new cars must be digitally enabled by the switch so if you have an older analogue FM/MW/AM radio you may no longer be able to nod along to your fave choons.

2) Sound quality is clearer than FM, AM or MW radio, or there's simply no reception. Meaning you only get the stations that are providing the best signals. No more hiss and splutter and DJs sounding like they're broadcasting from beneath the Atlantic. It won't stop the cheesy jokes and smug tone though!

3) Is this familiar? "Oh who's this? Whassername? You know she did, lahhh dah, deee dah..." well with DAB radios you can forget not knowing who is playing. DAB radios show you what song is playing and who the artist is. So no more fumbling for your phone trying to get an internet signal to try and get Shazam to work.

4) "Internet Radio will be here soon", yes smartphones can get Internet Radio, but with patchy 3G coverage DAB radio offers more sustained signal across a wider area. If you have ever travelled into London on the Portsmouth to Waterloo line you'll know this. It's the 21st century and you can barely keep a normal mobile phone signal let alone a data connection and stream radio.

5) Some aftermarket DAB car radios also have iPod adaptors, and a host of modern features not found on older analogue FM receiver units. So you get an upgrade, an iPhone docking/charging station and maybe something super cool like USB connectivity to play MP3s direct from your memory stick. Some DABs even come with a screen and SatNav and Bluetooth.

I've had one, thought it was great and totally miss it now, I'm sure the oik who ripped it skilfully from my dashboard would agree with the above 5 points. If you want to take advantage of DAB and get your hands on a DAB Radio legally, then call Buckingham Ford and see if your car is compatible, and get a price call 01280 308037 or visit http://www.buckinghamford.co.uk/dab_radio.php

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