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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Car diagnosis, the answer could be under your feet

Two customers cars in three days repaired and fixed by replacing the floor mats!

No we are not going mad, the first customer came in saying her clutch was going, as it was hard to get the car into gear, we soon dignosed the problem, when she had purchased the car and swapped the mats over from her old car, they of course didn't fit properly and had gone up behind the clutch pedal, not allowing the clutch to be depressed properly, £19.50 later new mats fitted, and fitted being the right word here, all was working fine. A new clutch would have been an expensive mistake at £300.

Today a customer came in to let us look at his car for part exchange, his opening comment i am sorry James it seems to have developed a flat spot, it wont go over 40mph. Its not often that that the sales manager can diagnose a problem, but you guessed it, the floor mat was up behind the accelorator pedal.

The moral of this story, is that a problem with your car could be right under your feet.

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