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Monday, 12 September 2011

Have you neglected Herbert

It may be Herbie, Speedy or just plain Freddie the Focus, but an awful lot of people have been neglecting there cars since the recession, and think they have done very well saving £15 here and £35 there on a car service or an Mot, and yes sometimes you may be right. We are starting to see a large number of cars that have been neglected, but not always by there owners, as some believe they handed there car over to a professional, who has then not done the job properly, it could be as simple as not putting the right oil in, that the engine is designed to run on. We have seen some cases of engines blowing up from the wrong oil, were cheap oil has been put in , and then blocked the oil ways as it is too thick, leading to parts of the engine to not be lubricated and then failing, sometimes never to run again. But if you think you may be guilty of this, believe me there will be someone worse, and we can help you get it put right. And we will take a look for FREE. Just pop in and we will take 15 minutes carrying out a FREE health check on your Herbie for you.

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