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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Exemplary Service

Hello Ian,

I'd like to say that the overall service I have received from both Bicester and Buckingham Ford during the last few years has been exemplary.

I normally contact Bicester ford as its the closest to me, and I have to say that every time I have had to deal with the branch the same caring and considerate approach has always been displayed, whether working with Jeff Lawrence in changing cars, who is relentless in his perseverance in finding the right product, yet very patient when discussing the clients needs.

When working with Neal and Andrea, there is nothing that is too much trouble.

Just recently I have had to put some of our cars through the bodyshop at Buckingham, and again Russell and his team have done the company justice in the quality of their work and good service which surrounds it.
I visited the Buckingham branch this weekend to pick up my Son's Fiesta Black from the bodyshop after some minor repairs, but while at the branch promptly "dumped" some additional work onto your team at very short notice due to one or two worries I had about my Focus Estate prior to a very imminent family holiday journey to Cornwall.

Dave and his team were able to sort out the problems, very swiftly, including the sourcing of parts.
A special thanks to Scott who sorted out the bonnet release, a commitment taken on very late in the day, but still with the professionalism and enthusiasm which I have to say I have rarely experienced in other dealerships.

Working in the service industry myself I can appreciate the hard work that goes on behind the scenes by the whole team and very often this level of service is not recognised. Well done to all!

Kindest regards and thanks again,

Trevor Mockford

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