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Friday, 24 December 2010

A Wonderful Testimonial

The testimonial below is just an extract from a great letter I received from Ms Peverall

I walked into Buckingham Ford as a single foreign looking woman, previously I have visited other car dealers and was used to being ignored or treated as a dreamer rather than a potential buyer. But at Buckingham Ford I was treated in a professional and unbiased manner, everything was explained and explained again, they were happy to show me many examples, and after about two hours I had been turned into a Fiesta expert and had found my car.

This was my first experience of Buckingham Ford over two years ago, I have just had my car written off and had no hesitation I found myself walking back to Buckingham Ford as it felt like going back to my roots!

I was recognised straight away and no trouble was spared to answer my questions, regarding another Fiesta. This time I decided to stop by the VW garage I pass on my way to work, just to feel I was making an informed decision before buying my second Fiesta, as the salesman walked towards me I was being judged, he decided I was a dreamer and not a buyer and gave me some brochures to take away. Today needless to say I am driving a Fiesta.

Thanks to a great sales person James, and the homely friendly feeling of Buckingham Ford in General.

Thank you Ford for selling a great car from a great dealership.

Ms Gulum Peverall

October 2010

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