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Thursday, 23 February 2012

58.9 MPG from new engine in Focus

Who would have thought, we would be looking at a New Focus with a 1 litre engine, with journelists raving about the great performance. And on top of that, the road fundlicence is free for the first year and only £20/30 therafter. Long gone are the days when your cc's tells you how powerfull your car is, this new engine is available in 2 power outputs 99ps and 123ps, these are the facts 99ps(bhp in old money) 58.9 MPG and only 109g/km Co2 123ps 56.4 MPG and still only 114g/km Co2

And did i forget to tell you this is a PETROL engine, yes the cheaper of the 2 expensive fuels at the pump.

"Get ready for a major surprise. The new, three cylinder, 1.0litre turbocharged versionof Ford's good but mainstream Focus looks like becoming the best version of the car money car buy" Autocar February 2012

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