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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Coincidentally Spooky

I wrote a Blog post back in February, during the 14 days of love campaign titled "Kindest testimonial so far" well the customers who wrote that testimonial Alan and Sandy Hastings came in again about two weeks ago and bought a New Focus from us for Sandy.

Well you might say there is nothing "coincidental" or "spooky" about that, and you would be right, what was coincidental was while they were there Sandy was looking around her possible purchase, and next to it was her old car , not the one she was part exchanging this time, but the one she bought in 2006 and sold back to us in 2009, we of course had sold it and bought it back yet again.

Well the spooky bit comes about the day after Sandy has her new Focus, Sandy calls and tells us about a potential customer she has given our details too, and she will be calling us. Well when we get the call we have exactly what this lady is looking for, Sandy's 2006 Focus, and yes she is driving it now......That's Spooky.

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