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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The New Ford Focus

Now We have had the New Focus here for a few days now, and keep looking at it, and believe me it is worth looking at, because we cant find a picture that captures the true greatness of this car.

Yes it is great to drive-I would say that.
Yes it is comfortable - I would say that.

It looks beautiful in the flesh, but annoyingly i can't find a picture that shows you that, and unfortunately we all buy first with our eyes, and i cant find a picture that will get you into our showrooms to look at what i believe is the best car we have launched for years - Unless you can just believe me on this one and come and take a look, take a drive and make the decision for yourself.

I could at this point start to go through all the new technology that is involved, but they are all in the new brochure, all I will tell you, is that the drive is so smooth it even took some of our lovely pot holed roads and I didn't flinch, thinking I had just buckled a wheel (not the deep deep ones of course) and it corners so positively it makes you feel secure.
All i am trying to say is don't look at the pictures come and look at the real thing!

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